Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Busy Time!

DD # 2 was here for a visit so we took her to Moncton to see this memorial to the fallen RCMP officers that were killed in the line of duty a couple of years ago.  A very emotional day.  So many things to break your heart. I won't get into all the things that put a huge lump in my throat and even made a few tears fall .....suffice it to say, it sure holds your attention.

This is one that I definitely thought a lot of....a picture of the member and his wife..he was known to carry it in his forage cap.  The sculptor is a Newfoundlander...I am so proud to say.
 We also went to the memorial to the many Irish families that settled in the area.  We were delighted to see a John and Mary Fearon listed among the many brave settlers.
 This weekend I just had to find something to do and this wallet got chosen....I picked up the pattern at one of my favourite quilt shops and decided today was the day.  It worked up rather quickly...instructions were very well done.
Here's the for cash, six credit cards(or other cards...I certainly don't have six credit cards) and of course, a zippered part for coins, of which I have many....tee hee...

Thought you might like to see the Princess Pudge (Faith) being her usual regal self.....

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Love Of Quilts said...

Very touching, bless them all. Pretty wallet.