Monday, September 12, 2016

No excuse!

 When I was in school I could never use the excuse that 'My dog ate my homework." It just never happened and we had dogs...not like Tigger though.  I was working on the labels for the quilts in our upcoming quilt show...hubby hollered "Let's go for coffee!" and like an idiot I jumped up and away we went.  Here is what we came home to....thank heavens the registrations were up near the computer because she would have eaten them too.  As it is she ate the lists I had made of the quilts by size and the lists of the various types...something I could redo.

 The interesting thing is these posters are gloss finished and heavier than plain paper...this is another that I got from the advertising chair...good thing, too since I had to take a picture of it for the brochure...the one above just would not do.  Oh well, it could have been worse...she could have eaten the cash that was in the folder .  That is my Tigger..she is just a little different.
Here is my sewing machine wall hanging all finished.  I took out the turquoise square in the upper right corner...just didn't cut it for it is mostly earth tones with splashes of colour.  works better , don't you think?

I have the perfect spot for it in my sewing room...after the quilt show....

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