Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Showing my Patriotism

I've always admired the patriotism our American neighbours display.  Everywhere you go in the states you can see their flag, in emblems, decals , badges...you name it, you can see the flag....not so much here in Canada. Robert Kaufman came out with a "Quilts of Valour" line for Canadian soldiers. It's a Stonehenge line and I must say I love it.  I saw a bag similar (much nicer than this one) to this in Joanne's Christmas Crab Quiltery and fell in love with it.  Here's my version   nearly finished.  I say nearly finished, since I have to find and sew on three buttons..  I bought some wooden ones a while ago and I haven't a clue where I put them.  They certainly would be appropriate  with all the "woodsy" designs here.

See the white velcro on the tab.  Well I was all finished
sewing when it occurred to me that I did not sew
on the second part of the velcro.....doh!
Guess I will have to do that by hand.
Here's one of the prettier birds at one of our feeders.  A rose-breasted grosbeak. Big birds and colourful.  Sadly, one of our woodpeckers dived bombed the window today and killed itself.  Hate to see that happen.

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