Friday, July 22, 2016

On a Mission!

 I'm on a mission.  I decided in June that I wanted to put my Baltimore Christmas in our quilt show in September. That meant putting it in the frame (that takes an afternoon...or morning if I get up early) and being disciplined enough to quilt every day for at least an hour.  So far, excluding the odd day when studmuffin wanted to go somewhere on a road trip, I have been able to keep to that schedule.   I am at the point of one more turning and I will be coming to the end.....hallelujah!  

However, this week I got the following in  a parcel from DD # 1...she visited some quilt shops in Ottawa and area and collected the following row by row patterns for me. She is such a sweetie! Now I am so torn...I want to put together the row by row for 2016 IN 2016 and not next year like I did for the 2015 row by row.  I already have the patterns from New Brunswick and one from Nova Scotia....what is a girl supposed to do.... so many patterns , so little time.

  I also have my 2015 row by row waiting to be quilted next.  I debated whether or not to send it to a wonderful local long arm quilter to have her quilt it for me but I am a little anal and have a hard time letting go of things I make easily.  Come to think of it , I have two other quilts waiting to be quilted and they were both done by hand.  I really aught to slow down some.......yeah, right!  As DH says, you're gonna be dead a long time...enjoy life NOW.

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Linda H said...

No worries Gail. There are three more months in 2016 after your show. Finish hand quilting that Baltimore and then do the Row by Row....