Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mission Accomplished!

Well here it is, all quilted and bound...took it out of the frame last night and attached the binding.  Sewed the binding down this afternoon.  I didn't realize how much quilting I put in this quilt until I looked closely at the picture  Now I just have to make a label and  it will be ready for inclusion on my
registration form for the quilt show.  I will have three bed size quilts and a few smaller items to display this year. I have my row by row experience for 2015 ready to go into the frame...will probably do that tonight since there is really nothing worth watching on television during the summer. I don't feel as driven to get that one finished for the show but I have 7 weeks so you never know.  My fingers should heal some tonight and maybe I'll get at it tomorrow.


Linda H said...

Wow, it's beautiful Gail. I look forward to seeing it. Well done!

Lorette Cole said...

You are amazing... quilted that so quickly!!! It's magnificent!!! You'll get rave reviews!