Monday, May 2, 2016

Number 12

Here it is , number I have no excuse I have to start on the "Big Guy"....I have it all traced and numbered and I am ready to go.  The pattern was too big for my light box so I taped it on the patio door and then taped the fabric over that. I panicked for  a second when I had it almost finished and thought I had put the fabric on the wrong side out....had to un tape and check...turned out I did it right, the pattern is traced on the back side of the fabric where it is supposed to be....AND I remembered to reverse Santa so he turns to the left which is the way I want him turned.  Now comes the fun part...choosing fabrics.  Wonder if I have enough  in my stash....   ha ha.....just kidding!

on a side note that yellow ribbon is actually gold.....looks better in person...

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