Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 2 is a no-no

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to sit at the machine for the second day.  My shoulders were protesting the whole time but the stubborn part of me just kept right on going.  This is a cuddle quilt..the one I'm supposed to be working on next week at programme day...but I decided I would rather do the work at home.  Well the two sides were pretty straight forward...stitch in the ditch was my stitch of choice.  That worked up fairly quickly but when it came time to do some stippling or fancier stitch in the centre....I really don't know if it was the stitcher or the machine. Either way, we just did not get along.  The thread kept breaking, then  knotting and then shreadding....I got so darned frustrated , I picked out all the crappy stitches and just did straight lines.  Not my first choice but what the is machine stitched which is better for toddler or baby quilts...all that washing.

On a more crappy note, my colour choices are the pits..not the least bit kiddieish(new it?) I could have put a little more effort into excuse!

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