Sunday, February 21, 2016

No Jewel tones!

I love jewel tones in fabric....the brighter the better has always been my philosophy..however, every time I saw a pastel quilt I wanted to do one.  Usually I would get waylaid when picking out the fabric and add a jewel tone or two...just for a little you could say my "pastel" quilts ended up being more jewel tone than they started out being.  This is my exception. I started this Dresden last year in April....cut out the fabric and placed the pieces in bags..all organized and ready to do.  Then I put it aside and just kind of ignored it.  .Especially since I had decided this was the one I would make totally by hand....I do that each year so I can work on something in the evenings while listening to the boob tube.  Tonight I finished the top...the picture makes the colours a little darker than they actually are but you can see....NO jewel tones..I am so proud , I resisted the call.
This picture is of the pattern that I drafted on EQ7...looks pretty close, doesn't it.  Now it goes on a hanger, in place number two, behind the hexagon zigzag top waiting to be quilted.  I still have the scrappy nine in the frame and just cannot seem to get the fingers working towards getting that one quilted.  I better hurry up though, our quilt show is in September and I only have three quilts to put in  and I wanted to have more.  No rest for the wicked!!

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