Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Ironing Board

I'm thinking I may be a pack rat...that would be one step below a hoarder  This Celtic work was done around was supposed to be a demo for Celtic quilting....funny how everyone says they want to learn how to do it by hand but when they find out just how much is involved they change their mind. Anyway, I made the square then put it aside.  I was trying to get ahead of the mess in my craft room when I came across it , just sitting there waiting to be used for something.  I guess it pays to hold on to some things.  This is my ironing board ....the one I wanted to make to take to the Villa Madonna in April for our annual quilting retreat. I had made a smaller version and really wanted this size so I put the smaller one in the Chinese Auction and one of the ladies in our quilt guild won it...hope she likes it.

This is the ironing side(it has the teflon fabric under )...Tigger approves  and the other picture is of the pocket I can carry my rulers , both the 12 inch square and the 24 inch ruler...  The that in the late 90's from Mardens and it, too, was waiting for the right project.   Tie dye and not the true colours but you can see how funky and bold it is...I wonder if your fabric choices can tell people just who you are..if so, I am in trouble!

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Barb said...

WEll...I am trouble right along with you then.