Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Placemat frenzy!!

I swear I have placemats on the brain....This is one of a set of four...obviously four is the norm....the other concoction is in the next picture.....anyway, This pattern is from the Three Dudes technique...if you google THree Dudes you should be able to find it , if not, go to Jenny Doan's "Missouri Quilt Company" videos and she will show you how to do this.  I bought the fabric at the local fabric shop and decided at the beginning of summer that this combination would make great placemats for the summer.  Well, it is only a few weeks to autumn so , technically, it is still summer and I finally got these made.  The other two I took to the fabric shop to display them with the fabric in case anyone is wondering what to do with this combination....works for me.
 Interestingly enough....the grey looks quite blue in the pictures and it is definitely a pale grey. surprise, surprise DH likes them and he is usually a conservative colour kind of guy...
Had a little bit of fabric left over so I thought I would make a couple of small wallets.  Haven't put the snaps on yet...they are perfect for gift cards or coupons or sales receipts or anything small that you want to keep in your purse  A fun little project that took all of ten minutes to make two.  so quick and simple..maybe like their maker...whaaaaa!!!!!

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