Monday, February 16, 2015

Puzzle me This

A few weeks ago , before all the snow storms began it was determined that our cuddle quilt supply was getting low at Quilt Guild.  Since then a few have been brought know how generous quilters are.  I put out a challenge to the members ...a mystery type thing.....I put easy patterns, 16 in all, into envelopes and numbered them so the members would not know what their pattern was until they signed up to make one. I figured at least 12 members would participate, leaving a few of the patterns left over for me to have my pick.... no such luck. Each pattern was taken , which meant I had to come up with a cuddle quilt pattern right away...  after all, I challenged them to have a top ready in two weeks.....they had a few months to get it all quilted before turning them in.  Well, that brings me to this pattern....jigsaw puzzle.  I've always wanted to do this pattern ....not sure I wanted to make it queen size so this was the perfect opportunity..  A 40 by 46 cuddle quilt is just enough of the pattern to let me know that I like it on a small scale but would not like it queen size.  One MUST pay attention to the placement of the colours.  Let me just say that watching tv, listening to tv and sewing a pattern like this leads to 'unsewing'.....cheers.

ps   Thanks to the Common Threads Quilt Guild in Ottawa and my DD # 1"s suggestion I was able to gather up all these  wonderful easy patterns for cuddle quilts.

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Cathy said...

I have a bag of squares in sets of nines waiting to be made up into one of these. It would definitely be one of those pay attention quilts. I love the way yours is looking!