Saturday, March 8, 2014

Busy work!

I joined the Hexie Blog's block of the month...and this is supposed to be a representation of a shamrock.  Not totally there, but close enough , I guess.  Believe it or not, those are all greens...including that kind of yellowish looking ones.  I've heard that if you take a picture of your scrappy s you can get a good idea of value.  Seems like whoever told me that was right plus the lighting in my studio(snicker,snicker...sewing room) is not true daylight.

I found a picture of these on Pinterest and then found the pattern at . It was quick, simple and surprisingly easy to make.  A charm pack will make a lot of them.  Calls for 4 five inch squares each plus 16 inches of ribbon.  I have filled these with chocolate all I need are some kids or grandkids to come for Easter...maybe I can get DH to eat them all...I'm dieting again..that's so I can fit into my clothes , they've gone and shrunk on me again.....

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Colleen said...

Those bunny ear bags are so cute! I may just have to make some - even though I have no little kids or grandkids to give them to. I might find some big kids who will appreciate them.