Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finally, a To Do Done!

I'm one of those spoiled people that hates to put bare feet onto cold floors in the morning. Sooo....I have a mat on my side of the bed to make sure my tootsies don't get cold....wah, wah!  I wanted to make a mat for our spare bedroom floor and kept putting it off..thought maybe I'd make a braided rug or a rag one...all great ideas BUT Mode bake shop had this one on their website and this is the one I chose...Calls for a jelly roll, a backing (denim weight) and some shelf liner. new bedside mat. 


I kind of like this one enough to maybe consider putting it beside my bed but then I'd have to move my nice Celtic braid to the spare room and it wouldn't match heck with it, I'll leave this one for guests...

Here's a little ornament I saw on Pinterest...folded fabric and so was fun to do and I'll probably make some more to add to Christmas presents next year...that is , if I remember.

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