Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm a Mug Rugger!

 I like mug rugs...they are really just quick little quilts and who doesn't like make quilts....rhetorical question...don't answer..
Anyway, these little mug rugs were made to demonstrate the no hand sew binding technique at my guild's last program day.  Quick and easy to do and if you're so inclined, no hand sewing.
 my pictures are in the wrong order but I know you will forgive me....I stepped out my front door just after dinner and look what I saw floating above my neighbour's house.  Not sure if it is a Re/Max hot air balloon or merely and red , white and blue one.  Regardless, it was silently floating by...kind of fun to see. I'd heard that a group of hot air ballooners come this way in the fall and this was the first time I saw evidence of it.
This is my design the top row is my covered bridge...Saggy Maggy (udders in the wrong place...poor thing needs to be milked) and my stone church.  The centre row has two houses on each end and a school in the centre. The bottom row shows "Udderly Divine", a cottage and another church. I actually started this project way back in April at the quilt retreat, put it aside and left it all ambition. Well DH went to the camp and I decided to get off my but and try to get this thing together. Need to make 7 more squares ...a couple of appliqued trees, maybe a hot air balloon(now that I've had some inspiration) and  a few more buildings...maybe a quilt shop...seems appropriate, no?
AND here's the reason I posted today. I just finished up another set of mug to set them out when we have company for coffee/tea and a munchie. This will be my Christmas set and knowing me, probably not the only set I will do. After all, they work up so quickly....little mini

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GailM. said...

All so cute. I have a hankerin to make some mug rugs too...