Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tried a new pattern!

I downloaded this pattern from the internet and if I wasn't so lazy I'd run downstairs to my studio , find it and tell you where I got it is, it's a simple tote (small one) to fit a quart mason jar or a pint one if you wish...I just remembered, I have it on my sewing, crafting or quilting board on Pinterest.. I love Pinterest...could spend hours checking out all the clever ideas...but I digress...this pattern...yes,...well, I followed it to the letter..worked out ok but I do not like my fabric choices now that it is know what that means...I have to make another one. I will make one small change... the lining is actually larger than the outside...I will probably change that to make sure they are the same size...would fit just a little better.
This is actually a better picture....haven't sewn the buttons on it yet..  They go on the down swoop of the burgundy one is going to be Christmas red/green instead of Christmas black/gold and and learn....right???
If you're wondering.....went to Gillis winery in Springfield ( I believe there are more Springfields in North America than any other town name) where they held a Quilt show and sale(quilts on the fences outside), wine tasting...some vendors on site and this year a Blueberry stomp! where you could roll up your pants, strip off your socks and stomp the blueberries...shades of "I Love Lucy"!!  My two SIL's jumped right in and had a right old giggle.  Look at those feet...surprisingly enough the blueberry washed right off. I figured their feet would be blue for a week. They loved it, said it felt gooey and squishy....nope , not my cup of tea. of the vendors was a quilt shop and I bought two charm packs to make the slippers from Cool Cat Creations (head on over and have a look at what I am talking about) I met the designer at the Winery  and that was the highlight of the day for me...she is one talented lady and really nice.  Oh yeah!...don't tell DH about the charm packs....ok????.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhh looks like fun!!! the little tote is very cute Gail