Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I got bored!

 I hate to admit it, but I get bored so easily....I hate housework even though I know I should be doing some...after all it is spring and housecleaning is the "Normal" thing to do . There's nothing on television that interests me , especially through the day...sooooo....I cut a hexagon and started adding  1.5 inch strips to it ...much like a pineapple foundation piecing

 although I did not use a foundation to make this hexagon table topper.  I also like table runners but DH doesn't...gets in the way of his placemat...mind you, he never complains, just pushes them aside. I can take a hint!  This one fits just right and his place mat is safe from those nasty
I sewed some corner darts in my Snap bag and it stands up on its own...much better..You can see some of my free motion stippling in this picture. My practice piece so I won't feel like a complete dummy at the more advanced class I am taking next week. I will have to remember to slow down some is not a race to see who can finish first...right??

Thought you might like to see my messy sewing corner. That is "Quiloinka" supervising everything. She is my fairy quilting godmother...wears a crown and all. I would like to point out that I have tidied up since this pic was can actually see the top of the table that buts up against my sewing table.  Really neat and tidy ...for me, that is.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gail - any chance you might put a tutorial together for the pineapple table topper! I love it and am certain others would as well.

Laura said...

Your table topper is adorable...and I so know what you're saying about runners... I have to take mine off before setting the table each night! (Not so much because hubby pushes it away...but with three hungry boys something often gets dripped on it! LOL!) I was thinking this pattern would make an excellent floor mat! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet blessings from Maine!