Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gettin' close to Christmas, ya know!

 I think I have all my Christmas decorating done...kept it kind of skimpy (for me,anyway) this year...DH says I go overboard sometimes...don't know why!!  Anyway, I went through a spell of tole painting and this is one of the things that I kept...it is still something that tickles my funny bone. I store my cards in it. It was one of the few pieces that I took my time with and I must say that paid off...I still like it.
 I've been quilting away...when I get a free moment... on this quilt. It belongs to daughter number one and I want to finish it before she gets home for the holidays. She can take it with her when she goes home but I want to finish it mainly so that she can help me put another in the frame.  Method to my madness...right!!!!

I made this vest over the past two days.  My machine acted up...that'll teach me to pay attention to the threads I am using.  Anyway, it will be worn tomorrow when DH takes me out to a Christmas get together.  Need something new now and then doncha' know.

Remember this??  It is now hanging on a wall in our tv /family room.  My Canadian Christmas, eh! Looks good there.
This is another from my told painting days. It always reminds me of the 'dirty old man' from  Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in.  I know, I know, I am dating myself but I bet a lot of you remember that as well.
 We have a strange tradition in our house. All the trees we had over the years always had a bird's nest in it. DH would bring one home each year and we would put an egg in it(always a hand blown, painted one). Little weird, I know, but to each his own...right!!
 Another tole painting  project.  Boy, I did a lot of that..When you think about it, I tole painted for almost 8 years, it is no wonder I had a lot of "stuff". I gave a lot away as well.  I think I must have an obsessive personality. I'm doing the same with quilts.

This is a cross stitched ornament daughter number two did for our part chihuahua, part terrier dog that we had for 16 years. He was actually called Helmet...long story as to why....but he ended up answering to Tam...another long story ....and also to Tammy....He was a real lap dog that slept under the covers in our bed...spoiled too.

Not that we would ever spoil our dogs...no, no that is your imagination seeing that
Sheltie veggin' out on the sofa....even had to have a pillow under her head. Nope, she's not spoiled.

"See," says Tigger, "I'm not spoiled. You don't see a pillow under my head."  That's probably because she didn't think of it.  She'll watch Faith and then she'll repeat the exercise.....just like kids, monkey see monkey do!

Anyway, chilluns'   have a Merry Christmas! 

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