Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hexie Fun

 I've always liked working with hexies.  An easy project to take with you when you need something to do by hand, no matter what the finished piece is meant to be.  This one I found in the mag...Quilts and More put out by Better  Homes and Gardens.  I always see something I want to do in there.  In this picture I'm just getting started laying it out for final sewing together.

Here's the finished product. It now sits on my pseudo-coffee table (it's actually an end table, but I don't want a full coffee table so it suffices).  Kind of fits there since the table is square instead of rectangular. I was that's a dangerous thing to do.....that I would like to do this in a Christmas motif...what do you think???

Went to Springfield today(wonder how many Springfields there are in Canada and the U.S.??) to see some incredible needlework....cross stitch, hardanger, tatting, smocking, crewel and so much more. I could not believe my eyes. What exquisite work and then I realized I knew some of the artists.....they have been hiding their light under a talented.

Of course, being the old fashioned one, I loved the exhibit of the antiquity...old chatelaines, bureau scarves, doilies, quilts and much much more.  Stupidly, I did not bring my camera and forgot that my playbook was in my purse...doh!!!.  Also, took one look at all the yummy desserts and ran like diet could not take the temptation...sorry.

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Denise :) said...

Isn't it funny? I ran a google image search on "Better Homes and Gardens vintage cat embroidery" and your little hexie mat popped up. I'd made one of these two (actually, I've made several) and had to check out your blog! Greetings from North Alabama!! :)