Monday, July 2, 2012

Doin' Stuff

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Mark Cullen said on Canada AM one morning that you should pick your roses and enjoy them while you can.  So, being the obedient person that I am....yeah right!....I went out and picked as many of the blooms that I could. Not having a rose bowl I used a salad for me.....the are actually a light orange...peach maybe and then they turn pink...sadly, no smell. Oh well, can't have everything.
Now these do peonies.  I have all three colours in my small garden.  The deep rose peony came from my mother in law's garden quite a few years ago. And the pink and white peonies were plants that I put in last year. Am really glad they survived the winter...lots of ice and cold but no freezing in the ground...not good for plants.
This is what I did today...if you are wondering what it is, it is a collar.  The guild I belong to is having a quilt show this fall (hope you'll come to see all the quilts) and we needed something to distinguish the workers and since our name tag has the covered bridge on it another member and I decided we should have something along those lines for our show....hence the collar and the bridge in silhouette... They don't take long to make up...just needed to make one to see how it would look, Now I have to make 12 more...good thing it's easy to do by machine.  I'll set up an mini assembly line and get'er done.
I love mother taught me two knit and to embroider.  Since Redwork and blue work is just basic embroidery it seems only fitting that I should include it with my absolute favourite past time...quilting.  These are some of the squares I am doing to make a crib size quilt. I have no grandchildren...only a grand dog and I don't think he really I will probably finish it for the show and put it up for sale.  It's a grandma kind of purchase...since it is old-fashioned and quaint.....not like any of the grannys I know.
I think I will call this At the Beach since the children are lightly dressed and carrying buckets and flowers and what will, of course , be Victorian in nature.  I've done this one before and it sold immediately so I am hoping it will do so again.
Am just about finished the Twelve days of Christmas. It's quilted, bound and I've added bows to the two rings on the bottom square, however, it needs one more ring attached by a ribbon to the pear tree. That may take me a few days of digging in boxes and cartons to find one suitable.  I also have to put a label on it along with a few others that I wish to put in our quilt show in September.  I will probably sit down one day and make just labels...maybe a couple of days before September.

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