Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have been quilting...really!

 Ta da!  I love Celtic work...this one was fairly simple...reverse applique which I had been dabbling with for a while anyway.  I was going to make a pillow out of this and maybe give it away but I really like the blue fabric(my DD #1's hand dyed) and I particularly like this design...so , I think I will keep it.
 A Tisket A Tasket  designed by Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs...love her work. This was a block of the month...I think it started January 2009. I saved the patterns with the intention of some day ...well some day is here. Now I want to find a swag pattern that will fit this..If I don't find one already made up , I will just have to draft one. I want to applique the words A Tisket A Tasket across the top outside border and make either vines and flowers or swags down the sides and bottom.  I'll get there eventually, probably sooner since I don't have a quilt in the frame now and I get a little antsy when that's the case.
 Here's my tea cozy....I really like tea cozies...not sure why, since I only got one for myself  a couple of years ago. This one I came across when I was searching for the name of a quilt square for a friend. The second I saw it in the book I realized I wanted to make it...plus it is handwork and that's my favourite past time.  So here it is in all its glory.  The next picture is the opposite side of this one.

This is from those little "This &That" patterns that a lot of quilt stores carry. I like the simplicity of the design...two old fashioned  patterns, the nine patch and the orange peel together.  Didn't take very long to do and I machine quilted...just for a little practise...still not good at it. Oh Well....don't look too close

This next picture is of my tea bag tote...the bottom picture shows a hint of the teabag in one of the four bottom pockets and the top pockets show my splenda packets.  You fold it over and button it up and pop it in your purse...Great for taking to guild meetings as I drink green tea and use splenda if I need to sweeten which is all the time...not sweet enough , you say...well that's why I use Splenda.



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh I love the Celtic piece...I've said I was going to do this several times' but still nothing...lol

everything is beautiful

GailM. said...

Love the tea cozy. I really need to make one. There are to tea drinkers in the Friday Girls coffee group that I belong to. I've been wrapping the teapot with a dish towel. How uncooth!!! I'm inspired with your cozy. I have that little this and that pattern but have never made it. I love yours, which ha nicer colors than on the original patter.....