Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just foolin' around

 The memory card in my old camera was 128 mb and every time I tried to capture my minions on video it overloaded the card and I had to clear it ...not a biggie but I am sooo spoiled so today I bought a 4gig memory card and just had to try it out.  This picture is of the reversible quilt I made ages ago that I lay over the back of a leather sofa to keep the dogs from leaving scratches in the leather...hmmmph! what a waste of time that is.  This shows it on the floor behind the sofa...where I usually find it after leaving them in the house by themselves...they do get excited when a car turns in the driveway...and here's proof...
I'm ready for Valentine's ...are you???


Love Of Quilts said...

You have made a pretty table topper...I don't think about doing things like this...until I see one. I would like to see the quilt in your top picture in full view.I love to see quilts. Is it already posted. Blessing Trish

Carla said...

Hello there. I came over from the commemorative quilt contest. Your quilt is lovely! Always nice to meet fellow canadian bloggers : ) I am out in B.C.
Happy Quilting