Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm a Winner..yippee!

 Our guild held a Chinese Auction today. It's a great little fund raiser...you get to clean out your cupboards AND you get a chance to win neat things.  The idea is to bring in ufo's, fabrics you'll never use, patterns you've made and won't be making again...things like that. They are displayed with a bag , a bowl, some kind of container and numbered. You purchase tickets and put your ticket in the bowl,bag...whatever. Then the tickets are drawn...and you win...easy peasy and fun.
This quilter's carry all is brand new..never been used and it was the highlight of our big auction.  I bought my tickets and put all of them in the bag for this.. Now that sounds like a sure win, doesn't it, but the truth of the matter is I wasn't the only one that did that. WELL!!!  It was nail biting time for a while.  Considering the fact that it was my job to draw the tickets for all the other things, I just couldn't draw the ticket for this one.  I had someone else be the scapegoat...and honestly, she drew my ticket.  Amid all the screams of  "fix", and 'bogus', I held firm...it was fair..I WON...nah, nah,nah , boo hoo to all the rest of you...it came home with me.

 On a more serious note, this is my Maggie...a Lazy girl design...geesh, I love how easy these things are. I haven't got one pattern yet that I found difficult. They are well explained,  pictures are great and the samples give you great possibilities.  I should get a commission on these things...I could sell the patterns easily enough.
Here's Miss Priss outside in the snow and wanting to come in.  She just chased Tigger away from the window...neither one of them were allowed in through the patio door...made them come in through the garage and shake the snow off there.  Ain't she a cutie...looks so innocent doesn't she...but let me tell you she gets Tigger into trouble all the time and then looks up at us with those limpid brown eyes saying "who me?" Sure do love my doggies.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

well congratulations to you!!!

Ce Pearson said...

Hi Gail, Good work on the blog.
Thanks for a grand program at Guild yesterday! It's a wonder all our hoots and hollers did not attract outside attention, during our strip poker session. We might have had a visit from the local authorities!