Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am a Lazy Girl

 This is the Lazy Girl Take Along Bag. I had admired a friends at a sewing class . She offered to make me one but I decided I'd like to have the pattern anyway.  When searching for another pattern in my "to do" box, lo and behold, there it was just waiting for me to make it.  I haven't  got a clue what I have in my pile of patterns and such, I swear.
 The nice thing about this bag is all the pockets inside. Wonderful for sewing stuff and a great bag for travelling...lots of room for cosmetics or more sewing stuff.  It was a breeze putting the zipper in and everything sewed up so quickly, I'm thinking Christmas presents here...
 This is Faith's version of "hide and seek".  She figures if she can't see you, you can't see her.  When she is trying to escape me (I'm the one that brushes that beautiful coat and those white pearly teeth of hers) she usually hides behind the flush...with only the tail and backside giving her away...she's different, My Faith.
And , of course, here's my Tigger...I had to snap this one really fast. It looks like she is smiling . She's such a happy go lucky kind of dog, I wouldn't be surprised if she really is.

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GailM. said...

Nice....I can't tell you how many of those take-along bags I've made. They make great gifts for moms-to-be. They pack all the things they will need in the hospital.