Thursday, January 26, 2012

struggling along

It seems like I've been appliquing forever.  This is the last portion to be done...excluding the curves on the corners...I just can't seem to think of how to finish this off. I was going to make ruched flowers and some more leaves...some embroidered vines...all that stuff but I just can't work up the enthusiasm. I've run out of colour well.  Maybe I'm just burned out. I am determined to finish it and put it in the quilt frame...that part of quilting has always been my favourite part of the craft. Once it is all ready to be put in the frame , the first thing I will have to do is have it either dry cleaned or carefully is totally covered in Sheltie hair...I do love my doggies but I hate all the fur that collects on things.

On that note...doggie note, that is....take a look at this's my girlies doing their howling thing. Only got a little of it since they start up at the oddest times and by the time I grab the camera they're usually winding down.  It always make me laugh.

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Barb said...

Oh my gosh, you are almost done, it is going to be fabulous!!!