Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time just flies!

I've kind of overwhelmed myself with the amount of applique that I decided to do on the borders of my quilt. This is a little less than one quarter of the border done....actually, even that part is not finished since I have to do some embroidery on the pansy yet..  I like to applique, I really do but I think I wasn't  really paying attention to how much I was putting on the borders...I've been making  so many leaves I think I could do it in my sleep.
This part is near the mitered can see the bluebells better. I'll probably be at this until the spring and then it will finally make the frame for hand quilting.  The problem with this matter how much I like it, it will never get to go on my bed...not with two dogs deciding they should sleep there, whether we are in it or not.
Today  I took some time for another kind of applique...fusible with top stitching.  I love the Art to Heart patterns. They are so cute and so easy to do using the fusible web. This one worked up so quickly, I think I'll do another pattern tonight.  As it is here, it needs two eyes, two legs for the bird and of course, the seam needs to be hand stitched closed.  Wonder  if I will keep this one.
My two Shelties are gluttons and absolute pigs for their food. It's getting close to their dinner time and you'd believe I was starving them if you saw how anxious they get right around feeding time. This is one of the rituals ...running around the kitchen island like they're being chased by ogres.  Then there's the whining and the barking and the pawing at frantic.  Once they're fed they are absolute angels...wanting to play or cuddle ...depends on the weather.....nice outside, miserable day...cuddle close.  They are such creatures of habit.


Barb said...

Your border will be so worth it, it is amazing!!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful, beautiful work...the applique on that quilt is gorgeous..and I really like the smaller one too....your work is great

Linda said...

Your applique is so beautiful!

Sue said...

the border will be worth it ... very beautiful... lovely work. I also love Nancy Halverson's patterns.

Mags said...

Stunning. I think it's well worth the effort. It's very pretty.