Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Applique Fanatic Here!!

 This is what I've been plugging away at for the last few weeks.  DH went away for a few days and I got six of them!  It's that back basting applique technique that got me motivated.  I've always loved applique but wasn't overly proud of my could be better...back basting helps me with points are sharper and the curves are curvier. Someday I'll be pleased with the finished product...and before you say really boils down to MY expectations of my work. If I feel it is not good enough then I have to work on improving it.....nuff said.
 This is the one that I like the far.  I like the ones that combine one or more techniques.  I have nine squares done and seven more to do.  I plan on having 16 squares...cornerstones, sashing , an outside border with swags and some dimensional flowers....may scallop the edges ...who knows....I don't, until I get it all together and then I decide...really depends on  my mood of  the day...a little changeable , like the weather.
I've had this book by (Mimi Dietrich) for ages.  I've made the occasional square  and demonstrated a lot of the techniques over the years but never got the ambition to put a quilt together.....about time, wouldn't you say. I have to give thanks to Judy, she's the one who started me on my latest obsession.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very very pretty

Love Of Quilts said...

That is so cool. I love it. Trish

GailM. said...

Yoohoo... Hey, I like your old sewing machine. I have a similar one.