Friday, July 1, 2011

Plugging away

Well, there it is, all the small Dresden plates are done...not in this picture, mind you. It is now sitting on my cutting table.(it  is the only one with space to spread out, the other tables are full of "stuff") I cannot make up my mind either to applique vines and leaves or quilt lots of feathers.  I've put it aside for now, since I haven't finished quilting the one in the frame. Only 3 more turns and it will be done...oh joy!

This is my latest ipod touch.  I love it. It has all the capabilities of the iphone without the phone...don't need one of those.  I got this mainly so that I could download books from the library and so far I have listened to two JD Robb murder books. They are so much more entertaining than simply reading. Whoever does the reading does different  voices for the characters and puts emphasis where needed and I am enjoying them tremendously.  I'm ...dare I say it....old enough to remember stories on the radio and how vivid my imagination was.  Ahh...those were the days.

The 'girls' are looking a little scruffy these between coats...Shelties can go "out of coat" after surgeries and both the girls had surgeries this past spring.  Their coats are just starting to come in and I try to brush them every couple of days to keep them looking as good as possible. I have to do Tigger first because if she even thinks I am going to brush her she can disappear in a matter of nanoseconds...won't even come around for treats.  Silly Puppy!...Faith just lays back and falls asleep.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Happy Canada Day. I love your Dresden quilt, it's so beautiful! I love my ipod, it's so handy for so many things!! Your girls are so funny!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very nice dresdens ...I vote for the But the quilting would be very nice too..

Love Of Quilts said...

If the vines look like the ones in the post before this one then I say vines so so pretty. Have a great fourth. Trish