Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in Reverse

 This is my Reverisble Quilt as you last it is finished.  I turned the corner up so that you could see that is really is reverisble.  It was  a neat project for summer ...a little time consuming at the first but once you have your bases done away you go.
 Believe it or not, this is Tigger...relaxing on the sofa...a rare event.  The quilt is there to protect the leather...she's a 'jump on anything' type of gal....cute when she wants to be.

This is one of Faith's paws.  DH had mowed the grass and Faith decided she needed to run around and be frisky..must have been that freshly mown grass smell.  Here's what she looked like after...four green paws.

I have no idea what kind of lily this is but I really like has double petals...anyone know what it's called???


Barb said...

Your reversible quilt is just wonderful!

Jann said...

I think you lily may be a "Double River Wye". Here are some details about that variety:

You reversible quilt is beautiful! I have never tried that technique before, I may need to!