Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm going for Sainthood!

 DH and I have been married for 41 years today...who would have thought!  This is our present to each is an Ivory Silk ...cousin to the lilac.  They are beautiful trees and I have wanted one for a long time and today was a good day to get one.  It's nice to have an occasion to purchase things you really would like to have...I only had to nag a couple of
 Faith is wondering why we are outside on such a hot day when she would rather spend the time inside...where it is cool and she doesn't have to run around...our Princess Pudge has slimmed down considerably but she still has only short spurts of activity...such a diva!!
Tigger is running to DH for safety. We had just hollered at Faith for eating too many sunflower seeds. We have bird feeders out and as you know they are not the neatest  of eaters.  Seeds everywhere and Faith likes them too much. The seeds do not like her...Tigger is not going to get in trouble doing the same sirree...she'll cosy up to DH and let him know she'd never do least while we are looking. She's one smart cookie.


Love Of Quilts said...

You'll be able to remember the date better this way...when you planted your tree. Cute little dogs you have. Trish

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Congratulations Gail....nice tree.
Ours is on the 7th of this month...38 years in....wasn'st it a beautiful weekend....