Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Mini for me....

Remember this..  they are the squares that I put together for our Guild quilt a while back. All the corners that I cut off I kept, put them in a bag and told myself that someday I would use them for a miniature...someday...
Well... Someday has arrived and here it is.  I was determined to use all the corners that I had regardless of how it turned out...a bit of a challenge...not a big one since it was to suit myself, no one else.
The block of the month programme was all about half square triangles and was meant to be a row on row quilt.  At first , I was going to do the patterns about 6 to 8 inches and make a lap quilt.  Ligh bulb time...why not use the little corners...waste not, want not...right???

It is a little different but then that was the idea.  I'll quilt it, bind it and then decide what to do with it. 
Took me a morning to piece together and it was I guess it is a win-win.

There is a little story to this picture. A neighbour came over for coffee this am. and when he was leaving...DH and the gentleman were discussing world affairs(at least that's what they call it) on the front step.  The 'girls' were eavesdropping. It was so cute, how they perked their ears when DH's voice could be heard. It almost looks as if Tigger is wondering if Faith agrees with what they are hearing.  Dogs can be such fun..


Cheryll said...

Well you certainly put you orphans to good use. They look great in there! Well done!

Mags said...

Love cute. I have a lunch sack full of .5 inch HST from a few different projects and have been wanting to make a mini something out of inspire me to pull out that bag!!!!

There is always room in a home for a mini on some wall in some room and I would love to make several more.