Monday, April 26, 2010

The Guilds Gathered

What a wonderful, quilty weekend in Sussex, NB. Fifteen quilt guilds brought samples of their work for the last two years and got us all excited and motivated to get back to the machines and our stashes. The first picture is the New Brunswick banner depicting the areas each guild covers. As you can see, since its beginning, the number of guilds in the province has multiplied(like our stashes, it happens when you least expect it). Each guild is given a template that is much like the geographical area it covers and is required to applique, piece or embroider that which they feel exemplifies the uniqueness or their location. The pieces outside the shape of the province are new guilds...their patterns are placed as close to their actual location as is possible. This banner travels around the province to any or all of the quilt shows so that everyone can see how "alive" quilting is in New Brunswick.

I chose this picture to post today because it is one of the newer members of the Provincial Guild. Grand Falls Quilt Guild. They absolutely blew us away with their enthusiasm, their committment to quilting and the wonderful new ideas they showed us. In less than two years they grew from 10 members to 62 and boy , were they busy. The ideas they came up with to motivate their members was astounding. They are an outstounding group.
Out of the 5 Gatherings, I have been fortunate enough to attend 4 of them. I have watched them get more and more stimulating each time. We have them bi-annually so it has been 10 years ongoing. It's not just that you get to see some wonderful quilting, that alone would be a reason to attend, it's the new projects, the ideas for guilds, the incredible generosity of quilters...each and every guild had amazing contributions to women's issues, cancer groups, children's groups, senior's homes and not the least by any means, animal shelters(we quilters do care for our furkids). It actually floors me when I hear that guilds sometimes have trouble finding delegates.
I find quilters to be the most generous and kindest of women...oops, pardon me ....and men, we now have the distinction of having a registered and attending member of the opposite sex.
It was a fabulous weekend, and as I go through my pictures (official photographer here), I will pick some more to share. One thing I did learn this weekend, I am NO photographer. I took over 300 pictures and I still cut feet off...can't help the height thing.
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Cynthia L. said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I, like everyone else, get so inspired when I go to quilt shows and quilt guild meetings. I am always amazed at what others do and want to run home to my machine! What are you inspired to do?

Funoldhag said...

So much fun to go to something like that. Gets the juices flowing, doesn't it? Also, love the way your hollow cubes are growing. Carol

GailM. said...

Oh, I thought about you guys all weekend. How fun to have new ideas. I'm not sure I can take any more new ideas. Where is it going to be next time in 2012.