Friday, March 5, 2010

Spools of Distraction

I blame Janet from Quiltsalott , she posted hers and I got interested and just had to try some and there you go..hooked again. I am such a weiner... I tried the two different methods and I have to say I much prefer the spools with the small block in the center instead of the strip...just a preference, they both look like spools. I did these by hand last night while waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on and then did a couple of more while watching. It's a good thing quilters can multi task. These little guys are three inches finished..I think I may mix it up a bit and do some six inches and maybe a couple nine inches and then maybe twelve inches...oh, you know how it works. For anyone that is interested it is a great little "take along" project since you will want to do lots...

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Linda H said...

Oh Gail, I so agree- I prefer the square in the middle - don't like the strip as much!!
I can see another scrap quilt on the way.... :)