Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Round-to-it Tote Bag

Everyone I know has a 'round-to-it' list, I have a round to it BOX  .  In this box I have kits and patterns that I determined a long time ago I just had to do.  This is one of those projects. I bought a charm pack at The Fabric Cupboard in Moncton. I went out of my comfort zone this time. I either go all out with jewel tones or stick to lighter shades...not pastels. This is more my daughter, Kirstin's preference for colours.
Needless to say I like the finished product and will probably use it. It has two pockets on the inside as well as the one (with the elephant pin embellishment) on the outside.
The instructions were very easy to follow and I started it yesterday afternoon and finished the last minute touches this a.m.  Lots of sewing and pressing and pinnng but it went together real iffy steps.  Maybe I'll put it aside and give it to someone for Xmas. Who knows.


GailM. said...

Yippee.... Another NB Quilter. I love all the pictures you have shown so far. Nice valentines table runner, and I love love love the Grandmothers Flower garden. It's so colorful and very much my style.

Yes, I'm famous now!!! tee hee. I'm not sure who is going to Sussex in April from our guild. They didn't ask me so it's good to share the fun I guess!!!

Janet said...

I'm a bit of a bag fiend and this one looks so good, great size and I especially love the elephant.